Candy Crush Level 86 Cheats, Tips & Help

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This is Bubblegum Bridge’s sixth level and is candy crush level 86 in the entire game. This is also the 45th level in the jelly mode. The moves you save will make the jelly fish help you score more points. Good luck :)

Candy Crush Level 86 Strategy Advice

Wow this level 86 is a tough one! Its one of the toughest and most challenging levels within the candy crush saga and can take many attempts (trust me!). The strategy for this level 86 is key and working out the best moves and tricks will help you a lot. Keep at this level and you’ll get there!



Hint #1 Clear liquorice swirls

Level 86 starts with a pyramid of liquorice swirls surrounded by liquorice crosses. You will need to remove all the swirls, but there are no jellies behind the crosses. While you’ll need to clear a few for access to the swirls, the liquorice crosses shouldn’t be your focus.

Hint #2 Use special candy combinations

With only 40 moves, you need to find ways of clearing a lot of jellies at once. The obvious solution is special candy combinations. If you’re lucky enough to get a board that allows it, a two colour bomb combination will clear the entire pyramid. However, you are more likely to get the chance to use two striped candies or a stripped and wrapped combination. A few of these can be just as effective in completing this level.

Hint #3 Don’t forget the corners

Like many of the jelly levels, level 86 can give you problems if you forget about the corner jellies. These can be difficult to clear, so make sure that you keep an eye out for any combinations that will clear these. A horizontal striped candy in the bottom row can clear these easily, but will require a bit of planning.

Stars Scores for Level 86

For getting 1 star, you need a score of 40,000 points. 65,000 points and 90,000 points will give you 2 stars 3 stars respectively.

Candy Crush Level 86 Video Guide